The vast majority of church leaders feel that they lack resources or knowledge in two main areas: Discipleship Strategies and Leadership Development. These two areas are vital to the growth, health and longevity of your ministry. My mission is to share the wisdom and knowledge that God has given me in these 2 areas so that you may learn to lead and love in the same way that Jesus did. That you may see the fruit of abiding in Christ and it all be for the glory of God.


I hope to help church leaders develop strategies in disciple making and leadership development that models the way that Christ did ministry. I want to see every church leader have someone walking along side of them to encourage, educate and empower them so that they may be able to equip the body for the works of ministry among their people. 

Paul Wingfield

I grew up in Upper East Tennessee where I developed a love of adventure and all things wild. I was introduced to rock climbing at the age of 13, and while I wasn’t a great climber, it fueled my desire for adventure and pushing my limits. When I graduated high school, after a short trial of the college life, I dropped out and moved to Buena Vista, CO to become a raft guide. I had always loved the water, but this was something different, something far more captivating and challenging. I went on to start a rafting company with a guide buddy of mine in Wisconsin and began kayaking up there. This led to many years of pushing myself on big rivers and steep creeks. 

One thing that these wilderness adventures helped me discover, was that there was something or someone greater than me. Someone who designed such a beautiful world and was captivating my heart through His creation. I started following Christ in 2012 and it has been my biggest adventure yet. I discovered that the epic journey of following Jesus, while great in itself, is so much better with community around you. This led me to inviting others to go into His creation to experience Him in a deep and intimate way. I never thought that my life would be centered around adventure and Jesus, yet He has given me the great opportunity to serve His Kingdom doing this very thing with a ministry called Nexus International and the Wilderness Ministry Institute.

God placed a calling on my life in 2014 to lead others to this deeper understanding of Him that He had revealed to me through my time in the wilderness and through being discipled. I had a realization that successful ministry wasn’t based on numbers or how many people you could get involved in your ministry, but it was based on teaching others to have a growing and abiding relationship with Christ alone. That abiding in Christ alone WILL produce fruit in it’s season. I know that there are leaders out there that need to hear this, just as I needed to hear it as well. It’s my desire to bring this good news to any leaders that will listen. 

I am beyond blessed with a wonderful, loving, gracious and beautiful wife (Erin) and 3 strong willed, adventurous kids (River, Sawyer and Everly). My greatest desire in this life is to serve Christ with everything I have and to lead my family and others to do the same. 

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