Welcome to the Wingfield Family Missions page. My name is Paul Wingfield and on this page you will find out all about my life, my family and my ministry with Nexus International. I wanted to be able to point people to one location in which they can learn about what God has called me and my family into and stay connected with our current situation. We want to give everyone a better understanding of who we are and the mission God has called us to with Nexus International as we serve leaders around the world. We hope this page will encourage you to fully step into your calling as a follower of Christ and give you a clearer picture of the walk that He has called us into as well. Thanks and God Bless!


-The Wingfield’s


My name is Paul Wingfield, I’m 30 years old and father to 3 wonderful children (River, Sawyer, and Everly) and husband to my amazing and beautiful wife Erin. We live in Kingsport, Tn and are growing in community and life with those the Lord has put around us. We have a heart to see young people become disciples of Christ through being engaged relationally, equipped lovingly and sent out to make disciples enthusiastically. 

We have recently came on staff with Nexus International, where we recognize that over 96% of the world’s young people live outside the U.S. whereas around 95% of the world’s youth ministry resources are spent in North America. With such a vacuum of leadership worldwide among younger leaders, we fill a much needed and under-supported niche in world missions.

We also like to utilize adventure, because we realize that it is a key aspect of reaching the hearts of young people. For this reason we train youth workers in the heart and skills of safely and effectively introducing young people to Jesus Christ through guided outdoor adventures.  Currently we are developing adventure ministries in various stages in the following countries:  Romania, Czech Republic, Nepal, New Zealand, Indonesia, China, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Italy, Sweden, and Mexico.

If you would like to know more about what we do please feel free to subscribe to our Newsletter or Contact us! Thanks for your support and interest in our ministry. We are thankful for the opportunity to walk in a manner worthy to God’s calling on our lives. 

In Christ,

Paul Wingfield and Family



Our Podcast is meant to dive into how God uses the wilderness to teach us more about Him, grow and shape our faith and how to disciple other’s through wilderness adventures.  We have many guests on the show that have extensive background in wilderness ministry and just regular people who love the outdoors and use it to connect with the Lord on a deeper, more intimate level. It’s available on all Podcasting platforms, including Apple, Google and Spotify.